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ShipTrek is an app for exploring the "Burning Ship" fractal and the "Bird of Prey" fractal using a futuristic TNG GUI. It lets you create amazingly beautiful, shallow-depth, quasi-3D fractals using the SAM (Stripe Average Method) gradient coloring. You can also use 'Smooth CPM (Continuous Potential Method)' and 'Log' coloring, enhanced with 'Density Controls'. ShipTrek includes an excellent Gradient Designer so that you can create your own custom gradients with an unlimited number of colors, which are used in all coloring methods.

The first time the app is launched, the user guide is shown. On subsequent launches, the main fractal panel is always shown first. To show the main fractal panel from the user guide, click the MAIN button in the top-left of the view. To show the user guide from the main fractal panel, click the EndCap button with the "?" title in the top-right of the view.

The Classic Burning Ship Fractal:

Burning Ship

Quick Start:

As you can see in the screenshot below, there is a large Red and Gold Bird of Prey fractal at a 1.5X zoom factor in the center of the view. Click somewhere near, but outside the black interior, to render a new fractal that will be centered at the click-point. You can wait for the fractal to render with the new position, or you can immediately click the 'Zoom In' button that is just below and to the far-right of the fractal image. That will zoom in on the fractal by a factor of 5X times the current zoom factor.

Bird of Prey

When auto rendering is turned on (toggle it with the 'AutoRender' button), every time you make a parameter change to the fractal, FractalTrek automatically aborts the current render and immediately starts rendering a new fractal with the new parameter set.

When you turn auto rendering off, you can make multiple parameter changes and then click the 'Render' button to see all of the new changes at once.

To change the coloring of your fractal, OPTION+click the Gradient Well at the top right of the view. This will load all of the gradient presets into the right side of the view. Then just click any gradient preset.

To show the Gradient Designer, click the Gradient Well at the top right of the view. The Gradient Designer lets you create your own custom gradients, using a wealth of useful controls.

Gradient Designer

The fractals that are rendered in the Fractal Previewer are not antialiased. That way they render 9 times faster than the fractal images that you export. Of course they won't look as good as the export fractals. Preview fractals automatically render to the same size as the Fractal Previewer, so depending on your monitor size, and the position and zoom factor, you can save a fair amount of time if you work in Windowed Mode instead of Full-Screen Mode (use the 'MODE' button to toggle it).

ShipTrek lets you export fractal images up to 4096x4096 pixels in size, and they are always rendered using 9x (3x3) supersampled antialiasing for stunning images.

ShipTrek is multi-threaded, so you can export multiple fractals simultaneously, and still continue to explore new preview fractals at the same time.

A Flutterby Fractal in the Bird of Prey (1440 x 1440):

Bird Of Prey Flutterby

Burning Ship Fractal (1440 x 1440):

Burning Ship

Burning Ship Fractal - Warp Drive (2560 x 1440):

Burning Ship


Fractal Formulas:

Burning Ship: z^2 + c           where:
Zi = 2 * |Zr * Zi| + Ci
Zr = Zr * Zr - Zi * Zi + Cr
Bird of Prey: z^3 + c           where:
Zi = ((Zr^2 * 3) - Zi^2) * |Zi| + Ci
Zr = (Zr^2 - (Zi^2 * 3)) * |Zr| + Cr


  • Burning Ship Fractal Exploration
  • Bird of Prey Fractal Exploration
  • SAM (Stripe Average Method) Coloring
  • Smooth CPM (Continuous Potential Method) (with Density) Coloring
  • Log (with Density) Coloring
  • Advanced Gradient Designer
  • 52 Gradient Presets
  • Export Fractals up to 4096 x 4096 pixels in size
  • 9x (3x3) supersampled antialiasing
  • Multi-Threaded
  •     Export Multiple Fractals Simultaneously
  •     and still render preview fractals at the same time
  • Futuristic LCARS TNG GUI
  • 35 GUI Color Themes (in 3 Styles)
  • Fractal Library
  • Embedded User Guide
  • Cool Sound FX
  • Mute Sound FX
  • System Version Readout
  • Full-Screen Mode
  • Titlebarless Windowed Mode
  • 2 StarDate Types
  • 12 Hour or 24 Hour Clock

Be sure and read the comprehensive user guide that is included with the app.

Have fun exploring FractalSpace.

Live Long and Prosper. \\//

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