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IconRounder is a very simple app for iOS developers and graphic designers that are creating icons for iOS apps. It allows the user to quickly verify that an icon is within the Rounded-Rectangle-Alpha-Channel mask that Apple automatically applies to iOS icons. It also allows you to see how the icon will look after Apple applies the Shine FX to the icon.

You can save an icon at any size from 16 pixels to 512 pixels with the Rounded Corners and optionally with the Shine FX applied to the icon. This was the original impetus for writing this app: So I could have a convenient way to create icon images of each of my apps, for my website. Alternatively, you can use these modified icon images as your actual icons that you include in your app bundle. Just remember to set the appropriate entries in your plist file.

In the screenshot below, the imageWell on the left side is where you drag your icon to. Select a size for the image by dragging the Size Slider or tapping one of the Size Buttons. Then click the Preview button at the bottom of the window to see the icon with the Mask and FX applied. You can turn the Shine FX on and off with the Shine FX checkbox button above the Preview button. The Mask checkbox toggles the rounded rect mask. The Bezel button toggles the border around the imageWell.

Click the Save button, at the bottom-right of the window, to store an icon to disk at the current size with mask applied and optionally with the Shine FX applied. When the size value is one of the nine sizes for standard iOS icons, then the file name for that size is automatically prepopulated in the Save Panel.

For working with icons for the Mac, or more generally, for any image, I’ve included support for recognizing the alpha channel of an icon image and automatically applying it to the modified image, if it exists.

This is really useful if you want to apply the same type of Shine FX to a Mac icon and have the Shine FX to only be visible in the masked area, as you can see in the screenshot below.


User Guide

IconRounder User Guide

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