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Clock Tacular has 4 Alarm Clocks and 4 Countdown Timers along with a very large Digital Clock for distance viewing. Fully Multi-Tasking aware, all alarms/timers will fire when the app is in the background and even when the iPad is off. All Portrait and Landscape orientations are supported, and there are 26 color Themes to choose from using futuristic graphics. You can have a separate Theme for Portrait and Landscape orientations, and a third theme for the Big Clock view. You can choose from 20 different sound fx for the alarms/timers. Time is displayed in 12 hour or 24 hour versions. The alarm clock automatically resets to fire the next day after dismissal. There is a brightness dimmer with 5 different levels, which is really useful for dimming when sleeping.

All 4 Countdown Timers have advanced features that are useful for molecular biologists, lab technicians, and broadcast professionals, among others. They can also be used for simpler tasks such as cooking, workouts and training, timed medications, tracking your productivity, keeping yourself focused, reminding yourself to take breaks to rest your eyes every 10 minutes, and reminding yourself to take a break from the computer every 50 minutes to stretch and relax.

NEW in version 4 of the app, all Countdown Timers have an 'Auto Restart' feature with adjustable delay time that controls how much time to wait before the next restart trigger happens.

Each Countdown Timer with Pro Features has:

  • A maximum time value of 99 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds.
  • Individual Hours:Minutes:Seconds Up/Down buttons that rollover.
  • Decrementing Progress Bar during countdown for quick visual inspection.
  • Big Flashing Indicator when the countdown completes.
  • Alarm Sound plays every 5 seconds when the countdown completes.
  • Projected Finish Time.
  • Incrementing Elapsed Time after the countdown completes.
  • One-click time reset after countdown completes.
  • One-click Clear HH:MM:SS to 00:00:00.
  • NEW: Auto Restart with configurable delay.


  • 4 Alarm Clocks with 15 Minute Snooze
  • 4 Countdown Timers
  • Digital Clock
  • Big Digital Clock View
  • Portrait and Landscape Modes
  • Fully MultiTasking and Background Aware
  • Remaining Snooze Time Readout and Progress Bar, during Snooze.
  • Alarms Clocks show the time remaining (and progress bar) until the next time they trigger.
  • Alarm Clocks can be set using 12-Hour or 24-Hour parameters.
  • All Countdown Timers have Auto Restart with configurable Delay Times.
  • Auto Restarting Countdown Timers show the amount of time until the next restart.
  • 26 Color Themes
  • Separate Theme for Portrait and Landscape
  • 20 Alarm Sound FX
  • Date (Day Name, Weekday, Month, Year)
  • 12 Hour or 24 Hour Time
  • Brightness Dimmer (5 Levels)
  • System Version Readout
  • Millennium StarDate
  • The Seconds Readout can be toggled On/Off
  • Mute Sound FX, for Silent Operation
  • Battery Status Readout and GUI.

Quick Start Guide - Version 4

Landscape Mode

Tap the ALARMS button in the top bar of the app to show the Alarm Clocks in the bottom half of the ipad.

Tap the TIMERS button in the top bar of the app to show the Countdown Timers in the bottom half of the ipad.

Tap the DELAYS button in the top bar of the app to show the Auto Restart Delay controls in the bottom half of the ipad.

The SYSTEM button displays the current operating system version of the ipad.

Tap the BIG CLOCK button to show the GigaClock with date readouts. It slides into view from the right.

Use the BRIGHTNESS button to dim or lighten the window. Dimming the the window at night is really useful. Each tap makes all views in the iPad dimmer than before until it rolls over back to full brightness. Whenever any alarm triggers, all views are automatically switched back to full brightness.

Use the MUTE button to turn all of the sound effects ON or OFF. This will also turn off the alarm clock sound effects too.

Tap the THEME button to go to the next theme. Tap the cap button to its right (with the Theme number) to go to the previous theme. Note that the Theme button in Portrait Mode controls the theme color for the Big Clock in both modes.

The BATTERY readout displays the current amount of charge in the battery of the iPad.

The STARDATE button toggles between the TNG millennial stardate and the more human readable startdate.

The 12/24 HOUR button toggles between standard 12 hour and 24 hour time for all three chronometers.

The SECONDS button toggles the current seconds readout on or off for all three chronometers.

For all Alarm Clocks (but not for Countdown Timers), you can change the firing time even if the Alarm Clock is already engaged, and it will automatically update. For the Countdown Timers, you must turn the current one OFF before changing its values.



Clock Tacular Screenshot

Pro Countdown Timers

Tap the TIMERS button in the top bar of the app to show the Countdown Timers in the bottom half of the ipad.

The UP and DOWN buttons (within the brackets in the bottom of the panel) allow you to set the amount of time that needs to elapse before the Countdown Timer will fire. (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) Tap to change by 1. They will also rollover to the start/end when you go past the max/min, respectively.

After you initially set countdown values for the timers, you can reset them back to those values after the timer fires by clicking the RESET button. You can use the CLEAR button to change all the values of a timer back to zero (00:00:00), which includes clearing all the 'Reset Values' back to zero too.

Use a START button to engage a Pro Countdown Timer. When tapped, the START button color changes to Red and the label changes to STOP. The associated progress bar at the very bottom of the iPad will become visible, and the calculated FINISH time will be displayed.

When the countdown timer finishes, the alarm sound will repeatedly play every 5 seconds, and the brackets will flash. The ELAPSED time readout will start to show how much time has elapsed since the timer finished, and will continue updating until the STOP button is tapped. If you are in the same orientation (Landscape vs Portrait) as the firing timer, the app will automatically show the view that contains the timer.

Tap each AUTO RESTART ON/OFF button to toggle the auto restart behavior of its Pro Countdown Timer.

If auto restart is on, then the app will automatically restart the timer after the delay time has elapsed. Note that the delay time defaults to a value of zero, which causes the timer to immediately start counting down again as the single alarm sound effect is played. If the delay time is greater than zero (change it by tapping the DELAYS button in the top bar, which shows the delay time controls), then the ELAPSED: readout at the bottom-right of the bracket will change to a DELAY: readout and it will countdown and show the amount time remaining until the next trigger of the Pro Countdown Timer.

When auto restart is on, its FINISH: readout will update every time the Countdown Timer restarts.

Tap each SOUND button at the top-right of each Countdown Bracket to choose the next available sound, the number of which is displayed in the button to its right that allows you to choose the previous sound. The TNG Red Alert sound is number 17. Tapping either of these two buttons will audition the sound that is being chosen.

Clock Tacular Screenshot



Alarm Clocks

Tap the ALARMS button in the top bar of the app to show the Alarm Clocks in the bottom half of the ipad.

The UP and DOWN buttons on the right side of the panel allow you to set the absolute time when the Alarm Clock will fire. (Hours:Minutes) Tap to change by 1. They will also rollover to the start/end when you go past the max/min, respectively.

The Alarm Clock firing time will use standard 12-hour AM/PM values when in 12-hour mode, and full 00-23 hour values when in 24-hour mode, so be cognizant of which mode you are in when setting the time. In 12-hour mode, each AM/PM button is visible, and when in 24-hour mode they are all hidden.

To engage an Alarm Clock, tap its START button, which will cause it to turn red and change its title to STOP. While the title reads STOP, tap it again to disengage the alarm. (The button title when change to DISMISS after the alarm clock or snooze timer triggers). The Alarm Status Readout will reflect the current state using ENGAGED, OFF, or SNOOZING.

All Alarm Clocks will always automatically restart themselves after a slight delay from the moment that the Alarm Clock is DISMISSED. So if you want to turn the Alarm Clock OFF, then wait until the START/STOP becomes enabled and has a title of STOP, and then tap it again, which causes its title to be START and it changes back from red to its normal disengaged color.

Clock Tacular Screenshot

In the screenshot below, notice that the both Alarm Clocks have triggered. Alarm Clock 2 on the right has triggered, which is signified by the appearance of the SNOOZE button, the disabling of the time UP/DOWN buttons and the AM/PM button, and the title change of the START/STOP/DISMISS button to DISMISS. At this point you can either tap the DISMISS button to stop the alarm or tap the SNOOZE button to start the static 15-minute snooze timer.

Alarm Clock 1 on the left is already in SNOOZE mode, shown by the SNOOZING readout at the top-right, and the SNOOZE countdown readout at the bottom-left, which is above the snooze progress bar at the bottom. To stop the snooze timer, just tap the DISMISS button. If the snooze timer counts down completely, the alarm clock will fire again and you will have the option to dismiss it or do another snooze, ad infinitum.

Clock Tacular Screenshot

When any alarm clock or countdown timer triggers, the brightness of all views are automatically reset back to full brightness and if the current orientation matches the orientation of the triggered alarm type, then the view containing the alarm type is automatically animated into view. This is especially useful when alarm clocks fire to wake you up in a darkened room, so that the controls you need are readily available and easy to see.



Background Tasks

When the app goes into the background, or you quit the app, or turn the iPad off, Clock Tacular automatically schedules background alarms for all currently running Alarm Clocks and Countdown Timers. Therefore, all background alarms that trigger will cause a 29 second sequence of sound effects to play along with the standard iOS alert view that is displayed. Additionally, all alarm clocks and countdown timers that were previously running, will be reinstated when the app is relaunched or brought back to the foreground.



The Big Clock

The Big Clock view is ideal for quickly seeing the time, date or batter level from a distance, when your iPad is charging in its dock or stand. The Big Clock auto adjusts to its orientation.

The controls in this view are unlabled. The Big Clock has its own theme, which can be changed by tapping the the two large end caps in the most elaborate bar at the very bottom of the iPad. The left end cap goes to the previous theme in the sequence, and the right end cap goes to the next theme.

To show the seconds of the Big Clock, tap anywhere between the end caps of the bottom bar.

To toggle between 12-hour and 24-hour mode (show/hide the AM/PM status label) of the Big Clock, tap anywhere in the top bar.

Like its counterparts in the main views, the BATTERY readout is for display only. It shows the current amount of charge in the battery as a percentage of the total ranging from 0 to 100, along with a battery level bar graphic. The middle of the bar graphic fills with black in the vertical middle as the battery level decreases, until the level decreases to 20, which causes it to fill with red.

To exit the Big Clock and go back the standard view, just tap anywhere in the interior of the view, eg between the fancy thick bars at the top and bottom of the iPad.

Clock Tacular Screenshot



Portrait Mode

Except for the location and size of various GUI controls, the Portrait Alarm Clocks and Countdown Timers work exactly the same as their Landscape counterparts.

Clock Tacular Screenshot


Clock Tacular Screenshot


Clock Tacular Screenshot



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